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A Little boilr On My Plate

If you've ever had to do many small "projects" -- blog posts, tiny programs for a class, etc -- you've doubtlessly noticed that a good portion of the workload was not in the content of the file, but in the setup. I've only been in my current Java class for two weeks worth of actual code, and already I've made a shell script to generate a boilerplate Java project.

Today, while browsing starred repositories on GitHub, that changed (a bit).

Enter boilr, a small utility which lets you quickly generate boilerplate for all sorts of things using templates that you can easily set up yourself. The premise is very simple. First, you find (or create) a template. Then you add the template to boilr's library (it doesn't seem to come with any, but that's not really a big deal). Finally, you invoke boilr with the command to create a new project based on a template you've installed, answer a couple prompts, and voila, you have a new project just waiting for content. For the more technically-oriented, this breaks down to:

boilr template download oneirosFade/boilr-java java
cd ~/src/
boilr template use java myNewJavaProject
cd myNewJavaProject

It didn't take but a few minutes for me to convert my ugly shell scripts for Java and C projects to boilr templates (which you can find on my GitHub). Then, when I decided to make this post, it dawned on me that I should make a template for blog posts, too!

So that's the story. What useful templates will you make with boilr?