For quite a while, I was hosting this blog's forebears on a VPS I was leasing from some provider or other. In those days, I didn't have so much to do, and would happily tweak web server settings and generate SSL chains until the cows came home.

Eventually, I made my way out of academia (the receiving end) and into the working world. I found I had less time than I used to for those sorts of things, and when you have to hassle after other people about their SSL certs, it's a lot less amusing to have to mess with your own.

Around that time, I started doing some Minecraft pack creation with someone on Aardvark IRC, and they happened to run their own service, with web hosting and an admin panel and SSL -- the whole nine. They offered a small space to host, and I took it.

That site languished for the last year or more, unused except when I wanted to point people to my music.

Recently, it was pointed out by more security-conscious music-afficionados that my SSL was broken. Looking into it, it seems that Let's Encrypt ceased being able to read my proof, and didn't renew.

Long story not quite so short, I'm just going to migrate everything here to GitLab's pages feature, since it does everything already. The first step, which you may be looking at right now, is just this single post.

Sometime in the near future, I'll be using my domain, and adding more content. Music will likely be moved off to a SoundCloud account which has yet to be created.

Edit: Working on HTTPS now (waiting for DNS to prop), and I've uploaded three of my favorite tracks (in progress... eternally) to SoundCloud, linked on the sidebar!

Edited Edit: HTTPS is now live, thanks to Lets Encrypt.