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Monitoring cjdns with Munin

I recently rejoined Hyperborea again, using cjdns. If you don't know about the projects already, they're worth taking a few minutes to check out.

To have a better idea of what was going on behind the scenes (and to help me tell if Hype was down or just slow) I decided to install Munin and the cjdns plugins. The process is pretty simple, but at the request of some of the Hype crew, I've put together a short howto here.

You'll want to do these things on each node you want to monitor cjdns on, as with any Munin plugins.

  • pip install cjdnsadmin to make sure you're got the required Python libs. You could also install these manually from the contrib directory of the cjdns repo, like I did.
  • Clone
  • Copy the .py files from munin-plugins/cjdns/ to the Munin plugins directory.
  • Symlink the plugins you want to run from the Munin plugins directory to the active plugins directory.
  • Follow the directions at to set up your plugins.
  • Reload munin-node on the nodes.
  • Prosper.